Sunday, May 18, 2014

Arriving in Haiti

Following a few hours of travel (RDU to Miami international , Miami to Port au Prince) and waiting in a long, slow line at immigration, we exited port au Prince airport, loaded our luggage onto the back of a truck and rode a bus through the streets of the city to the Zanmi Beni orphanage.
The roads alternated between paved and potholed, with no center line and no sidewalks. This left navigation up to the whims of every driver on the road and led to  some creative maneuvers. Tap taps, motorcycles, cars, pedestrians and goats all shared the road.

When we arrived at the orphanage, the children (some in wheelchairs and others running about) stopped playing on the playground and came over to greet us.

I spotted a couple of the girls I remembered from last year and went over to say "hi". To my surprise, they smiled and hugged me as if I had never left. We played games and toured the grounds for a few hours before a delicious meal was prepared for dinner.

After dinner and a discussion about plans for tomorrow,most of us went straight to bed, knowing that we'll likely be awakened at 5 AM by the sounds of children asking us to come outside to play.

Better get some sleep!

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