Friday, May 24, 2013


Today's the last day before our trip.
In less than 10 hours, we'll be meeting the rest of our group at the airport.
An early morning flight to Miami, and then a connecting flight to Haiti and we're there.
In a different world.

It'll be a different climate (current temperature in Chapel Hill = 65 degrees, Port au Prince? 95 degrees).
It'll be a different language (Haitian Creole - thank goodness for intepreters and Google Translate).
It'll be a different culture.
It'll be a different level of resources.

But much will stay the same.
We'll evaluate children who have disabilities (and strengths)
We'll meet caregivers who hope for a chance that these children will one day be more independent.
We'll interact with therapists who work to make lives better for the children they serve.
and we'll have the opportunity to help others.

Wherever you go, and whatever the climate, the language, the culture and the resources, there's always that - the opportunity to help others.

Bonswa !

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