Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wheelchairs at the Beach

Hard to believe that today is our last (full) day here in Haiti.
(barring any unforeseen circumstances at the airport).

After breakfast this morning, we gathered our swim gear, put the folded wheelchairs in the back, and boarded our freshly painted bus on our way to

a nearby beach. When I say "nearby", that's a relative term (the trip took about 70 minutes each way).
On the way to the beach,  the bus was filled with singing in a call and response fashion. They tried to teach us some of their songs in Creole, but we never quite got the hang of it (though we could clap).

The beach was rocky, and the water had all sorts of surprises (jellyfish, sea urchins and some sharp rocks) but most of our group got through it unscathed. The wheelchairs were brought to the edge of the water and caregivers (as well as Dr Forsythe) grabbed children out of the chairs and carried them into the water to splash and play.

After some lunch at the beach, we boarded the bus and drove back to Zanmi Beni, where an impromptu dance party took place.

Our last dinner here consisted of pasta with pesto (Thanks, Trader Joe's) and dessert was Nutella Fondue with apples, pineapples and bread (delicious).

Tomorrow morning, we'll have breakfast, pack up, then head to the airport where we expect to have to go through 5 separate inspection stations on the way out of Haiti (Much easier to bring things into Haiti than out of Haiti, I guess).

It's been a wonderful, meaningful, eye-opening trip for both of us. We've been asked to come back, and we're already thinking of ways that we can be of further help to the children of Zanmi Beni, the children with disabilities across, Haiti, and the people who provide them with so much love and care.

Thanks to all of you who raised money, gave donations, and sent us messages of support. The people here have been very grateful to have us here and we are grateful to you for making this trip possible.

Bonswa !!

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