Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Can’t believe we’re now just three days away from going to Haiti !!

It seems like only yesterday that I heard about Zanmi Beni, an orphanage for children with disabilities located just outside of Port au Prince. Now, our departure date is so close that I can almost taste the Tilapia (more on that later).

The UNC Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation has wanted more international involvement by its faculty, so I discussed the possibility of going with our department administration and got the go ahead as long as I could get sufficient funding to cover my costs. Through the help of the NC Children’s Promise staff and the generosity of more than 40 kind donors, we’ve raised enough money for me AND a resident physician (Dr Nicole Forsythe) to make this trip.

Dr Forsythe and I have gotten our vaccinations (for Hepatitis A and Typhoid), have gotten medicines to reduce our risks of contracting malaria and traveler’s diarrhea (NOT fun),  have made sure our passports are up to date (check) and have started packing the basics for our one week trip. There are no washing machines at the orphanage, so we’ll be packing some quick dry clothes and sink-soap along with our bug spray and mosquito netting (again, to reduce the risk of malaria).

We’ve been in communication with people in Haiti and they are arranging times for us to evaluate the children at the orphanage as well as to provide an educational program for mothers of children with disabilities in Haiti. We’re also scheduled to visit Partners in Health’s new hospital in Mirebelais as well as meet with folks at the US Embassy.

Right now, we’re focusing on gathering all the necessities (as well as a few gifts for the children at the orphanage) but we’ll be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep people back home aware of our activities.

Bonswa !  (Good Afternoon)

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